Youth Justice Initiative – Youth Justice Initiative (YJI) is a comprehensive, community-based restorative justice diversion program for West Des Moines (WDM) youthful offenders and their families.  It has been operating since 2000. In 2014 YJI expanded their services to provide a preventative approach for WDM youth who do not have formal criminal charges. The Resiliency Project provides support for WDM students who have poor academic attendance and performance, are experiencing family conflict, and/or associating with risky peers (i.e. using drugs or alcohol).  At YJI, we believe that everyone has natural resiliency inside, regardless of their circumstances, and that no one is “broken”. It is so enjoyable to see youth and their families “wake up” to their innate potential to create happier lives! Website under construction – check back soon!

Local Principles-based Mental Health Educators

Scarlett Lunning 515-314-8141