The mission of the 3 Principles Network is to create opportunities that expand and support the understanding of the 3 Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness.

Through the work of these committees we are able to communicate and share this understanding with others in both formal and informal settings. This includes developing and offering learning opportunities and trainings to individuals and organizations.


The purpose of the Communications Committee is to provide clear and concise information between the 3 Principles Network and the community.  We manage and publish content, publicize local, national, and international learning opportunities, and share current research relevant to the understanding of the Three Principles and how they support living in a healthy state of mind.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach committee’s purpose is to expand awareness of the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought and the role of the 3 Principles Network through connection, exploration and collaboration with:

  • Communities
  • Organizations
  • Diverse agencies, individuals and leaders, and
  • Schools and State infrastructures

This committee also coordinates our learning opportunities – on-going and special events (speakers, retreats, trainings, etc).

Professional Development

The purpose of the Professional Development Committee is to develop and mentor leaders dedicated to deepening and sharing their understanding of the Three Principles as revealed by Sydney Banks.

Fund Development

The purpose of the Fund Development Committee is to assist the 3 Principles Network, Inc. in adhering to their articles of incorporation to operate exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. The members of the Fund Development Committee will work with the other committees to pursue all avenues for the ongoing acquisition of resources to fulfill the vision that all people will experience an understanding of the Three Principles. The methods may include, but are not limited to, community fundraising events, partnering with other entities and pursuing grant opportunities.