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The 3P Network’s focus is to share the understanding of the Three Principles as identified by Sydney Banks. 

Sydney Banks media available through Lone Pine Publishing or Amazon.


  • SydneyBanks.org – Sydney Banks is the theosopher who first articulated the Principles.



  • The Missing Link (the facts)
  • The Enlightened Gardener
  • The Enlightened Gardener Revisited
  • Dear Liza suggested for youth, but enjoyed by all
  • Second Chance
  • Quest For The Pearl (Part II, Second Chance)


  • Sydney Banks media is available on-line here for free: http://sydbanks.com/. See the Lectures Series below. 

The Hawaii Lectures (4 parts: Secret to the Mind, Going Home, Oneness of Life, and The
Power of Thought)

The Long Beach Lectures (4 parts: The Great Illusion, The Truth Lies Within, The Experience,
and Jumping the Boundaries of Time).

The Washington Lectures (2 parts: Separate Realities and The Three Principles).

CD’s and DVD’s can be purchased at Lone Pine Publishing. 


Key Three Principles Resource

  • Three Principles Global Community  – Additionally, for more information, there is a Three Principles Global Community (3PGC). Webinars, blogs, and podcasts from international practitioners can be found here: www.3pgc.org.




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