Scarlett Lunning

A Three Principles Communication & Relationship Coach, Scarlett Lunning, has been enthusiastically sharing the understanding of the Three Principles since 2006. She brings over twenty-five years of training, counseling, and facilitation experience to the Network. As a personal development coach, she focuses on helping people awaken to their capacity to resolve conflicts and develop healthy relationships with themselves, within families, within businesses, and cross culturally. Scarlett employs the understanding of the Three Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness to increase our awareness that we are the “Thinkers,” thereby unlocking our freedom to respond to life as free agents.

Ash Swinton


Ash was first introduced to the Three Principles in 2009; however, it wasn’t until she attended the 3 Principles Global Community Conference in St. Paul in 2014 and “woke” up to the truth of this understanding, that her life began to unfold in a beautiful way! Currently, she is the Program Manager with the West Des Moines’ Youth Justice Initiative; a Three Principles based restorative justice diversion program for youth. Helping young people create a plan to put things right in their community and pointing them, and their families, toward their own natural wisdom to help them experience more joy, despite their circumstances, is a passion of hers. She is happily married to a Kiwi (New Zealander) and is a bonus mom to three adult sons. Favorite pastimes include traveling and meeting new people; sleeping in; cuddling her cat, Babs; reading in her hammock; and taking her motorcycle on adventures!

Deborah Guthrie



Deborah first learned about the Principles in 2016 after retiring from a 27 year career in human services. She had several positions ranging from direct care to program coordinator and case manager. All of these positions involved services for persons with serious mental illness.   Prior to that she was involved with medical education at three different medical schools in Iowa City and Kansas City. Deborah’s academic background is in counseling, curriculum and instruction and adult education. In 2019 she became more involved in learning more and sharing the Principles with others. Deborah is very interested in the relationship between spirituality and psychology and how this understanding can facilitate healing for everyone and especially those who suffer from mental illness. Deborah lives in Windsor Heights with a housemate and two cats.  She likes to cook, read, go to the gym and travel.