Ash was first introduced to the Three Principles in 2009; however, it wasn’t until she attended the 3 Principles Global Community Conference in St. Paul in 2014 and “woke” up to the truth of this understanding, that her life began to unfold in a beautiful way! Currently, she is the Program Manager with the West Des Moines’ Youth Justice Initiative; a Three Principles based restorative justice diversion program for youth. Helping young people create a plan to put things right in their community and pointing them, and their families, toward their own natural wisdom to help them experience more joy, despite their circumstances, is a passion of hers. She is happily married to a Kiwi (New Zealander) and is a bonus mom to three adult sons. Favorite pastimes include traveling and meeting new people; sleeping in; cuddling her cat, Babs; reading in her hammock; and taking her motorcycle on adventures!