Jodi was introduced to the Three Principles in spring of 2018 when her family attended a 3P Restorative Justice Family Class offered by the Youth Justice Initiative in West Des Moines. She immediately began watching videos and reading 3P books to gather all the information she could about the mind, thought and consciousness. Seeing the change that it brought into her life, she wanted to share the Three Principles with others. Jodi started working as a Project Assistant at YJI and now teaches the same class that she attended. She “plants the seed” of the Three Principles and hopes that others can find them as freeing as she did. She is passionate about young people learning the Three Principles, so they can use the tools to have better mental health as they go through school and beyond.
Jodi is happily married to an IT geek, has three adult daughters, and one nine year old son. She enjoys reading, spending time engaging with youth in the community, teaching the older generation about technology and snuggling with her two dogs & one cat.